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Hi, and welcome to my Official Website! I’m Sangeeta: Pronounced “San” “Ghee” “Ta” (meaning Music/Melody). I’m a passionate Singer/Songwriter and Health & Vocal Coach who was born in London, UK and now reside in Canada. I fell in love with music during my childhood and there was no going back once I listened to “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls at the age of 10! My Debut EP titled, “Escape” is in the midst of development.


I am delighted to share that I am now officially a Certified Vocal Health First Aider (VHFA)! A big thank you to Vocal Health Education (VHE), a wonderful U.K based vocal health education company that educates vocal coaches and Artists worldwide.

I have acquired the following skills:

  • An understanding of vocal health and the factors that can affect vocal wellbeing

  • Practical skills to spot the signs of a range of vocal dysfunction and imbalance

  • Knowledge to help someone towards recovery by: Guiding them in self-management, or passing them on to further support, whether that is specialist vocal rehabilitation coaching or clinical treatment

  • An understanding of how to prevent vocal health issues from occurring in the workplace

I am so excited to implement everything I’ve learned into my Online Singing Lessons, “Own Your Voice”! If you would like to learn singing from me, with a focus on Artist well being, whether you are a novice or a professional, contact me: and cc: 


Keep pursuing your dreams!

Love & Light,

Sangeeta 🙏🏼💕 xo

Officially Certified Vocal Health First Aider, Sangeeta (Courtesy of Vocal Health Education), November 2021

More About Me:

  • When I’m not singing, You can often find me: Creating content on Instagram and YouTube 
  • I’m also a: Certified Holistic Health Coach & a passionate Vocal Coach
  • Stay tuned for my “Own Your Voice” Program Coming Soon!
  • Currently I’m pursuing my education in: Manual Classical Osteopathy 
  • My favourite genre of music: Pop/R’n’b/EDM
  • Languages I can sing in: English, Hindi, some Punjabi and Arabic.

2020 was a tough year for us all and mental health challenges are at an all time high. This is my Holiday gift to you all with the wish that it inspires you to see the good in each day and remember that there is always a reason to wake up every day. This is my Original song “365” inspired by my “365 Reasons to Wake Up Every Day Movement” 

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*NEW Music Alert!* “Music isn’t just heard, it is felt.” ~ Kelly Clarkson. I’m still in the Holiday mood and I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and have a blessed New Year ahead! To celebrate, I’m back with a 🎄Holiday Themed Special🎆 featuring two song covers of tunes I fell in love with this December originally by two amazingly talented female artists who I adore! Watch my Covers for “Not Just for Christmas” (origiballh by the stunning Ariana Grande) and “Santa, Can’t You Hear Me” originally by the mesmerizing Kelly Clarkson & Ariana Grande together. As always, I had a brilliant time recording these. Comment, Like, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and Share! Keep the arts alive! Love & Light, Sangeeta 🙏🏼💕 xo

UPDATE!!! I’m back with a BRAND NEW PODCAST as part of my 365 Reasons to Wake Up Movement!!! For some daily and weekly inspiration, check it out here: (Click on the image below to listen) You can also receive these Love Notes in your inbox along with my Love Letters weekly by Signing Up at

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ANNOUNCEMENT! You can call me “The Singing Health Coach”

My “Own Your Voice” Online Course is Coming Soon! E-mail me: for more info and to Pre-Enrol for a special discount!

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This Valentine’s Day is all about female empowerment, girl power, fighting for what you want, but also refusing to be second best, because us girls deserve to be a priority. Am I right, ladies? 😉 Catch my Cover Version of Lindsay Lohan’s “First” above! I had an amazing time recording this song and video and putting a whole lotta’ attitude into it. Wishing you all a Rockin’ Valentine’s Day! Much love, Sangeeta xo ❤

Watch the Music Video to my Original Song, “365” here: