365 Reasons Movement

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We all need a little bit of motivation to wake up in the morning and get through our day. Introducing the Live Version of my 365 Reasons to Wake Up Every Day Movement, I hope I can give you the inspiration you need to carry on and keep going: Because there is always a reason to wake up ❀ πŸŒ„ This is Day 1! Watch now to find out what Reason No.1 is! I’ll see you tomorrow morning same time, same place for Day 2! Don’t forget to post on your IG about what your reason to wake up in the morning is with the hashtag: #365reasonstowakeupeveryday 🌏

I’m back with a BRAND NEW PODCAST as part of my 365 Reasons to Wake Up Movement!!! For some daily and weekly inspiration, check it out here:

anchor.fm/loveletternotes (Click on the image below to listen) You can also receive these Love Notes in your inbox along with my Love Letters weekly by Signing Up at bitly.com/365reasonstowakeup

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Watch Reason #1 (Day 1) | LIVE Edition here:

This was an extra special one! ❀
Watch Reason #2 (Day 2) | LIVE Edition here:

A Special Tribute to a beautiful soul for Day #3: Watch Reason #3: LIVE Edition here:

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2020 has been a tough year for us all and mental health challenges are at an all time high. This is my Holiday gift to you all with the wish that it inspires you to see the good in each day and remember that there is always a reason to wake up every day. I hope my Original Song, “365” inspired by my “365 Reasons to Wake Up Every Day Movement” motivates you and makes you smile. Comment, Subscribe and Follow Me on Social Media & YouTube (See Links at the bottom of my website below) Love & Light, Sangeeta xo #inspirationalmusic #originalmusic #sangeeta #365 #mentalhealthsupport